I’ve been a digital/vector illustrator for around 10 years and I always loved to experiment and learn new things. Watercolor was one technique that I never tried but I always wanted to, so one day I decided I will spend 2-3 months experimenting and painting illustrations in watercolor. I found out it’s my favorite technique so far, I just fell in love with it, these are the results of my watercolor experiment.

Tools: watercolor, ink, paper, brushes, water, pencil, color pencils etc.

More info: behance.net

I Am Thankful

Sometimes all we can do is focus on the negatives, but it takes true strength to see the things we are thankful for, and be truly thankful for them, even in the midst of a chaos.

Count Your Blessings

I’ve learned this has to be a rule for us to stay really happy and positive.


Drawing faces and characters is probably my favorite.

Eat Pray Hustle

Calligraphy and decorative floral art.

Life With A Beagle

My lovely dog being extremely cute as always.

Keep Calm You’re Getting Married

Calligraphy and decorative floral art.


I love how in watercolor there are small ‘accidents’ that can look like a cool effect.

Mr + Mrs

More calligraphy and decorative floral art combination.


One of the best things of experimenting is discovering something you didn’t know before. I love creating food illustrations in watercolor.