Our passion for hiking and bonding with nature opened our eyes towards the importance of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

That’s when we started realizing that in a few years from now, people might not be able to recognize the trails they once walked on due to climate change and the dangers posed towards the environment.

This is one of the reasons why we launched Teesylvania, a brand from the heart of the mountains that gives back to nature and supports the slow fashion movement. We analyzed our business model thoroughly and came up with a sustainable approach to high-quality items.

Our designs are crafted in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania. Our clothes are made of 100% ring-spun cotton and organic cotton. All the other items that we have in stock are made using recyclable materials, eco-friendly fabrics and natural threads.

Each design has its unique story, inspired by hiking and discovering the outdoors. Teesylvania’s main mission is to save the forests and forest wildlife. We pledge to donate a part of our profits to the World Wide Fund for Nature, and we are looking to collaborate with various organizations that aim to protect nature. That is how we are able to enjoy our passion for slow fashion and, at the same time, raise important funds that are essential for species monitoring and the protection of our forests.

If everyone who truly wants to help the planet succeeded, the future would be so much more peaceful and full of beautiful trails to hike on! The ways in which you can engage are diverse and very accessible. The only thing that makes the difference is the degree to which you contribute, involve and learn.

Change isn’t easy and charitable giving is a choice we make.

More info: teesylvania.com

Bear Affair

I’ve seen every forest path and I walked on each wild trail. That’s how I found out about their bear affair.

Be COMPASsionate

Through tall peaks and hiking trails, you’re always in need of a compass. Be compassionate towards the forests and wildlife, they are the right path to sympathy.


It was the first time he met her, in the depths of the dark forest, at midnight. No lights besides the stars and no creatures besides the wildlife. They started sharing secrets, and his desire to meet her made him light a match. He started a campfire and that’s when she saw him. He was her matchmaker.


The forest fairies are the miracle-creators, the wander-lovers, and the mushroom-protectors. Once in a while, they invite you to their table, munching on munchrooms and counting fallen stars.

Never Caged

Like birds, you crave freedom; a burning desire to let go, spread your wings and fly. Never looking behind, you fly, and fly, and fly. And whisper to yourself “never caged, I’m never caged”.

One with the pack

The wolves are my protectors. I am one with the pack.

Strong roots

Like humans, trees take long to grow and bloom. Conquer your fears, move those mountains and reach your ultimate goal. They have strong roots, but so do you.

Under the stars therapy

You don’t need booked sessions with specialists to get better. No cognitive therapies or complex alternative medicine. You crave the fresh smell of pines, the touch of a deer and a grass bed. You’re all in for an under the stars therapy.

Wild Camper

I’ve never been a fan of silence. I am one with the storm and I was born from lightning. I am a wild camper.

Transylvanian child

I know my way through castles and fortresses. I was born in the mountains and my brothers are vampires. I will always be a Transylvanian child.