I love skiing, and being in the mountains, and I spend a lot of time thinking about skiing so I tried to work as a ski photographer, but instead I ended up drawing pictures instead of taking them with a camera.

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I really, really like skiing

This is a picture of me, skiing.

But I’m not a very great skier

This is me, trying to ski.

So I started taking pictures of my friends who were much better at skiing than I was

This is not a photo of me, you can tell because this person is good at skiing.

Eventually I started working as a ski photographer

But one year we didn’t get much snow, and I wasn’t getting the photos I wanted to be shooting

Instead I was sitting at my desk wishing I was skiing

Finally, instead of just moping, I started drawing the mountains I wished I was skiing

I even included cameras and photographers in my drawings

Eventually I started drawing things other than skiing, like fly fishing

I also mountain bike, and used to take photos of that too

Mostly though, I still draw skiing

I’ve even drawn on some skis

When I was working construction I imagined taking lunch breaks to go skiing

Now I spend more time drawing mountains and skiers than I used to spend taking pictures of skiing, and I love drawing my friends skiing almost as much as I like skiing myself