What’s your dream? It’s a seemingly simple question I’ve found many people struggle to answer. One of my dreams is to publish a book containing a series of street portraits because I’m passionate about photography, people and positivity. Through ‘Chasing Dreams’ I stop people on the street and ask them to think about their dream while I take their portrait. I’m aiming to capture a moment of contemplation in each subject’s eyes. I believe this enables viewers to connect with and understand each subject on a deeper level while reflecting on what their own dream might be.

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I started ‘Chasing Dreams’ in January 2016. I always have my camera with me as I consider it an extension of my body. When I see someone I want to photograph for this series the connection is immediate and I know I need to make their portrait. The process involves me approaching the subject, introducing myself and explaining the idea behind the project before assessing the setting for an appropriate background. The encounters are often brief but I feel very close to my subjects as they’re helping me realise one of my dreams through their participation in this project.

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I Spent Over Year And A Half Portraying Strangers On The Streets Of London And Asking Them "what's Your Dream?"


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