I love nature and landscape photography. My adventure with the camera started in August 2015 with no experience at all, but i found that I can find interesting spots to photograph nature and landscape very close to the city I leave – Warsaw, a capital of Poland.

But there is one problem. As the city is located in the center of Poland the area around is very flat, we don’t have mountains or sea. So it’s not that easy to find something interesting. But we have amazing Vistula river and Kampinos National Park surrounded by the meadows.

During last year I discovered that there is a lot of trees on the meadows, but also in the river and I started photographing them during different time of the year.

And I must admit that these trees are great subject for photography. You can come back to same spot many times a year and each time something is different, but the tree remains there. Light, clouds, sun, wind, water – they change the atmosphere and the mood of the photo and the way I want to photograph these trees.

Just have a look and see how much these trees can be in different weather conditions.