Throughout 2017, I spent the first 2 weeks of every month walking in the fields and woodlands near my home, collecting images of whatever crossed my path, and putting together these 12 digital collages reflecting the change of the seasons.

The central designs are stylized Arabic words describing principles for being in a more respectful relationship with Nature. It was a year of watching continual, wondrous change that made me fall even more in love with the wilderness. (No critters were removed from their home in the process!)

More info:

#1 February: Kinship

February: Kinship

Digital collage with decomposing leaves of Oak, Beech, Maple, Holly, Birch; Horse chestnuts, husks of Acorn and Beech nuts; Snail shell, Pine cone, twigs, Lichen.


#2 June: Reverence

June: Reverence

Oak, Beech, Fern and Bramble leaves; Sycamore flowers, Mallow, Dog rose, Heart’s ease, unripe Sloes; Greylag goose feathers, Song thrush egg; Shield bug, Cardinal beetle, Cantharis, Garden snails and Ladybirds.


#3 March: Oneness

March: Oneness

Budding Hawthorn, Beech and other; Alder catkins, Nettles, Violets, mushroom cap, pebble and Snail.


#4 April: Protective Care

April: Protective Care

Dandelion, Daisies, Green Alkanet, Stinging Nettles, Lesser Celandine, Addersmeat, Cleavers, Herb-Robert, Wood Spurge, Hedge Parsley, Bluebells, Lichen and Ladybirds.


#5 May: Gratitude

May: Gratitude

Young leaves of Oak, Beech and Hawthorn; May and Crab-apple blossom; Bluebells, Buttercup, Forget-me-not, Pink Campion; Orange-tip, Ladybirds, Snail, Spider, and the hatched egg of a Wood pigeon.


#6 August: Wonder

August: Wonder

Oak and Beech leaves, Cherry Plums, Sloes, Blackberries, Acorns, Fairy Ring mushrooms, Poppy pods; Buff-tip Moth caterpillars, Silver-studded Blue butterfly.


#7 December: Stewardship

December: Stewardship

Dry leaves of Oak, Beech, Maple, Horse Chestnut and other; Holly, Mistletoe, Rose hips, Catkins, Snowberry; Tree stump; Pheasant feather, Ladybird.


#8 January: Service

January: Service

Fallen leaves of Oak, Beech and Birch; Rose hips, Hawthorn, Buckthorn.


#9 October: Relationship

October: Relationship

Fallen leaves of Oak, Maple, Birch, Beech, Brambles; Common Puffball, Shaggy Parasol; Crab apples, Conkers, Horse chestnuts, Buckthorn berries; Crow feather.


#10 July: Compassion

July: Compassion

Poppy petals and pods, Rose petals, Maple leaves and samaras, Wild cherries, Sweet Pea; Red Admiral, Small Skipper, Grasshopper, Ladybugs, baby Slug.


#11 November: Responsibility

November: Responsibility

Fallen leaves of Oak, Maple, Maidenhair and other; Yew berries, Cherry apples; Pheasant and Wagtail feathers, unhatched Woodpigeon egg.


#12 September: Humility

September: Humility

Fallen leaves of Oak, Ash, Brambles, Hawthorn; Acorns, Crab apples, Haws, Ivy, Rose hips, Bittersweet; Oak galls, Snail shells, Gall wasp.