Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to have the opportunity to photograph some of my friends at Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY after getting permission from owner Sharon Coyle. Before becoming infamously known as Rolling Hills Asylum and a widely documented hotbed of paranormal activity, the property was originally named The Genesee County Poor Farm, often affectionately referred to as "The Old County Home". You can read about the fascinating history of the property at the asylum's website.

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Using current "quack beauty products", vintage clothes and props, I tried recreating scenes that look as if they were stills from a science fiction movie.


Photographer: Karen Jerzyk

Models: Alexis Martin, Dana Huffsmith, Kalaisha Mae

Designer (black outfits/kitchen scene): Erica Gray

Location: Rolling Hills Asylum

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#1 Ascension



Isabel Tamayo 11 months ago

Silent Hill!