When I started taking fishing more seriously I was in need of a hook wallet but couldn’t find one to my liking, so I made myself one out of a discarded pencil pouch I had lying around the house. People seemed to like it so I decided to make a couple more, along with some other storage solutions such as rod tip holders.

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I made a point of finding some nice-looking, quality materials. I know plastic storage is practical but I just can’t stand it…

Inside of the hook wallet—I love the leaflike texture of this fabric

Making these is a meticulous process, but I like tinkering with the small details

Hook wallet in action

The tips of fishing rods are extremely fragile so they need protection—some folks store their rod tips in cardboard whisky tubes

The first rod tip holder I made

All of them are hand-sewn

They have nice texture and kind of a vintage look

I have smaller ones for fishing floats…

It’s so satisfying when I get all the small details right

All stacked up…