Do you like fairy tales? I do. So much. That much, that I called my photography web site that way. Foto Baśnie means Fairy Tales Photography. Doesn’t matter whether it’s for children or adult. Fairy tales make my life (and a lot of other people) more colorful, pretty, happy and full of magic. Our modern times are so brutal and sad enough to create more tragic, loneliness and sadness in art.

In the beginning, I’ve started with models wearing dresses from Victorian Epoque and other old times. Then I discovered, that this is some kind of static photography and I didn’t like it very much. Searching for a solution I added to my shooting more models in one photo, than animals and birds – still using proper equipment and clothing. That is how I become a stage photographer. And my latest discovery is Cosplay, as the most colorful and shiny art from all over the world, which contains fairy tales, movies, games and fantasy in itself.

Now I am shooting Cosplay as a full of movement and details photography, which makes it more close to the movie/game scenes than to static pictures, also using animals and proper shooting places. Cosplay has become my greatest photography love. And I am sure it will last for a long, long time…

Ann from Avonlea

The secret garden

Lassie come back

Slavic elements

Ann of Green Gables

Daenerys and Drago from GOT

Yennefer – the Witcher series from Netflix

The Witcher