The tree is a perennial woody plant that most commonly grows from a self-sustaining trunk which then branches, there are about 400 billion trees on Earth, about 61 per person, as one definition says.

The trees either live with a companion in the forests or live alone. Sometimes they are suddenly born out of the ground or forced by humans. They live much more than us and produce what is most precious in our solar system, oxygen. oxygen is converted to known compounds to water. Water is usually seen in a fluid, but it also becomes gas and turns into mist, snow, clouds and is necessary for the life of the trees in every event, whether they sleep in the winter or when they wake up in spring.

The trees are the home of many species, as well as of man. Each tree has seen, has been aware of every change in the history of man and the planet. It records in it and we can read it and learn from it when the tree has died, due to age, physical accident, or human killing them.

The trees are not inanimate, they are not unconscious. Trees are not objects that we decorate every 10 months, they are intelligent beings, that live, breathe and offer us life, so honor them before it is too late.

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