My name is Noe and have been living in Seoul for seven years. Six of those years I have been a photographer, but people often comment that if they had a camera as good as mine, they could take nice images too. So, this rainy season I made it my goal to make create a small collection of images to show others that they too can take nice images with something as ubiquitous as a phone.

My goal is to inspire others to go out and shoot more and to make them realize that having an expensive camera is not mandatory as long as you have the drive to learn photography. I spend rainy evenings out photographing the streets and narrow alleys of Seoul.

These images were shot on the iPhone 5 and later the iPhone 7. I used apps such as Snapseed and Lightroom mobile (both free apps) to edit them. If anyone is interested in my photography, they can find more (shot with my camera and phone too) on my Instagram.

I also make tutorials, as I think that as a photographer I should share my knowledge with others so that they too may be able to take beautiful images.

More info: Instagram

Hondae Alley

Hongdae Building Complex

Noraebang, a singing room

Jongro streets

Backalleys of Jongro

Hyehwa Bar

Jongro Alley

Insadong Side Street


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Jongro restaurant

Jongro during a typhoon

Ikseondong Alley

Ikseondong Streets

Ikseondong Side Street

Internet Cafes

Phone Photography Tutorial