I try my best to capture expressive faces of the local shelter dogs. And I do believe that ONE perfect photo can save their life!! All of these dogs have been adopted or rescued. The local shelter here uses a platform called http://shelterme.com/MauryCounty or just http://shelterme.com. This platform has proven to be very successful and if you click on the Maury County tab, the numbers speak for themselves.

I donate every dollar that I made from paid sessions to the local shelters and area rescues who are struggling to stay afloat. (minus operating costs of course) I will also donate my time free of charge to families with special needs kids. It may not seem like much, but donating your time to families who are already having a tough time either financially or because of cruel demands in the world, is the most awesome gift, because usually the parents are so busy with the child, that who can think of pulling out a camera during those “I wish I could go back moments!”

And as far as shelters and rescues, let’s face it, we do not know what is going on in that rescue, and I know a few personally who float day to day on donations that are scarce. So this is my way of saying thanks to them for saving the dogs that I adopted, and for tolerating the behind the scenes drama, that the public never sees, but that I know is very present. I’ve also met some pretty awesome people at the shelter here. I know personally they do not have a whole lot of time to try and grab photos for a pet’s profile to submit to social media.

Anyone can snap up a camera and go and meet your local shelters and rescue folks. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Find out what their needs are. BE THE DIFFERENCE in that dog’s (or cat’s) chances on that perfect family falling in love with that face that you snapped a photo of. Be part of that pet’s journey to a better life!!

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