Ever since I was young I’ve looked at things. When I was older I decided to make things for other people to look at. These are some of the things I’ve made for you to look at.

I remake classic movie posters using the shooting script or transcript of the film. I see it as combining the first creative process of the film with the final process into one big piece of copyright hell.

More info: Etsyroboticewe.com

A Clockwork Orange

Created from the shooting script. 15,276 words in Futura Bold.


Created using the entire script. 28,042 words in Gill Sans Ultra Bold font.

King Kong

Created using the entire script. 20,251 words in Showcard Gothic font.

Imperium Kontratakuje

Recreation of the Polish poster for The Empire Strikes Back using the English script. 27,109 words in Franklin Gothic.


Created from the screenplay. 33,332 words in Kaffeehaus neon font.


Created from the entire screenplay, 20,153 words in Alconica font.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Created from the shooting script of 28,419 words in Lithos Pro font.

Rear Window

37,398 words in Showcard Gothic font.

Star Wars

Created from the script of the movie. 32,593 words in News Gothic.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Created using the entire film script. 29,402 words in Archer font.


Created using the entire screenplay of 30,843 words in Hitchcock font.

V For Vendetta

The Big Lebowski