I quit my job as a graphic designer and web developer to make fine woodworking art. I love the pleasant, warm feel of wood and dedicate all my spare time to working with this noble material.

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My creative journey began one year ago when I realized that I want to do something different in my life. I have always loved taking a piece of wood and turning it into something unique and useful at the same time. I love the feeling I get, when I see various artworks from the past. They have never ceased to fascinate me. The use of a traditional woodworking approach combined with the natural beauty of hardwood trees makes my thoughts come true.

I usually use only hand tools and traditional ways of wood processing, natural adhesives (bone glues), dyes and pigments (self-mixed milk paint) and also finishes (natural drying oils, beeswax, and hard resins such as copal and amber).

Letting the wood speak.

More info: woodworking.filipvalach.com

#1 Walnut Bowl ‘Rose’

Walnut Bowl ‘Rose’


Melinda Farkas 1 year ago

This is beautiful! *-*

#5 Walnut Bowl ‘Rose’

Walnut Bowl ‘Rose’


Kun Kim 1 year ago

is it possible to purchase one?

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