I always knew that passports used UV ink for security but I had no idea what they looked like under UV light.

So I purchased a UV bulb, put it into a table lamp, and took at look at my UK passport. It was full of beautiful and intricate designs featuring weather symbols (because the British care so much about the weather) and British wildlife including butterflies, fish and birds. Every single page of the passport has a unique design.

It’s a whole hidden world of great pictures and graphics which nobody usually ever sees.

Apparently the UK passport office change the passport design every 5 years – and use a whole different pattern in UV every time. There are also lots of other countries’ passports which also have incredible UV designs.

Using the UV bulb I have also found interesting patterns and lettering on driver’s licenses, credit cards, and cash.

More info: sensorama.world

The main photo page of a UK passport in UV

The Common Blue Butterfly UV Design

Fulmar Seabird UV Design

Sea Bass UV Design

Common Whelk UV Design

Mallard Duck UV Design

Greylag Goose UV Design

Red Kite UV Design

Great Crested Grebe UV Design

Back Page Featuring A Map Of The British Isle In UV

Other Things With Hidden UV Designs