My friend Iina Laitinen (Mae Rye as her cosplay name) creates breathtakingly convincing costumes to reenact her favourite characters. For a photographer like me, the costumes are like eye-candy with all their details and stories behind the famous characters. Knowing how much meticulous work it requires to put a costume together, I thought she deserves to have her work portrayed in a fitting surroundings, with a touch of some photoshop magic. Over the course of couple of years, I ended up shooting and retouching eight of her costumes, each surpassing the other with their fairytale glamour. Looking at this collection of characters now, I can only admire her talent and versatility.

My favourite character is Princess Leia, which is yours?



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Alice in Wonderland

Princess Leia, Star Wars

Madeline Hatter from Ever After High

Elsa from Frozen

Princess Merida

Adekan Shiro Yoshiwara

Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon

Lady Loki