In my free time, I work as a fine artist and illustrator. I usually make collages entirely from magazine strips, but sometimes I get tired to making things that are so serious. So every now and then, I like to change things up and have a little fun by creating something entirely different.

For this series, I added googly eyes and smiles to my food. Sometimes I’d even draw on the food, depending on if I was drawing on something I could later peel away so I could eat my food (I didn’t want anything to go to waste). Other times I’d cut out smiles or eyebrows from paper, to make my food a little more expressive. Whenever I posted these images, I often included a terrible food-related pun.

More info:

Here goes muffin’

I find that very appealing

That’s mango-nificent

The pear-fect pear

Orange you happy?

Eggplantin’ on doing so many things

That Danish is pretty sweet

It’s a little chili

Just another egghead

They’re a little husky

You’re kiwing me

You are such a peach

Berry cute

Lettuce all have a great day

Kiwi go again

That’s what friends are spore

The apple of my eye