It’s still dark outside when I gently close the car door. No lighting in the surrounded houses, the residents still asleep. It’s cold outside. I pick up my stuff and walk towards the lonely and almost untouched terrain. Exciting every time!

As I take my pictures, my thoughts go to how it once was. What happened to the smiling people at the kitchen table? Why did they leave? Miners with the cigarette carelessly between the lips and the pausing factory workers. What are they doing now?

In my book I wanted to unravel their secrets piece by piece. My poetic version on the “secrets of yesterday”.

Secrets to Yesterday – Marieke Berkelaar

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Last supper


Red carpet and big applause

All I wanted was a Fur coat

The Butcher

Satin Doll

Sewing for the Master

The stairs go on forever

Old rocking horse

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