The trip of a lifetime planned for 2 years has passed.

Lofoten – 6h to Gdańsk, 18h by ferry from Gdańsk to Nynashamn, 18h from Nynashamn to Bodo and 4h by ferry to Moskenes. The moment when you stand in front of the glass inside the ferry and before your eyes, you see the approaching dream – Lofoten. It is indescribable as if you were entering another planet. Unusual peaks emerge from the sea, wind, rain. It’s like you’re entering “Mordor”, from “Lord of the Rings”. We leave the ferry from Bodo to Moskenes, excited, a little tired but adrenaline helps us to keep going. We follow the road towards the rented house in Reine – the Lofoten photo center. It’s hard to believe we’re here, everything is much more impressive than what we saw in the pictures. After a few hours and a nap, we start our very carefully planned journey.  We planned everything according to the weather forecast, we knew where it would rain, where the sun would shine and where we could photograph rainbows. I hope the pictures show at least a little bit of the beauty that what we saw. 

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Reine, Sakrisoy


View of Offersøykammen peak