I am interested in capturing a hidden reality through my photography – it’s not about “smile for the camera” and photographs of pretty places. There are far more emotions that people and places convey. These every day things that we sometimes don’t take notice to. My photographs are created with both digital photography, film, and in some cases a hybrid of both as I continue to develop my style.

This body of work titled “Long Summer Days” follows my relationship with my daughter, Haley, as a stay at home father. We live in a small urban community in a small home; however, in a world full of technology, video games, and electronics, we chose a device free lifestyle for her. Haley is at the age where she is developing her strong personality and it is all these elements in which I am capturing and documenting. This body of work disrupts stereotypes of girls while highlighting her delightfully unselfconscious strength, independence, defiance, and playfulness.

More info: nolanstreitberger.com

#1 “Mapplethorpe Meets Mann”

#2 “Haley at 4 in Chair”

#3 “Haley on Memorial Day at 5 Years Old”

#4 “First Tooth”

#5 “The Ghost Towel”

#6 “Dreaming in the Grass”

#7 “12th Street Razor”

#8 “Parker Road Corn Field”

#9 “The Dead Warbler”

#10 “The Last Days of Summer”