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I Painted My First Mural In Nyc
User submission

I Painted My First Mural In Nyc


I started an Instagram account and shortly after @djbarrynyc sent me a message inviting me down to NYC to paint a wall with him. His friends thought it was hilarious that another DJ Barry (I’m @djbarryart) was doing the same type of street art / graffiti art in Vermont.

“Break Time” is what you get when two DJ Barrys collaborate. We used over 100 stencils to paint the mural and finished it in one day. The painting is on the side of The Shannon Pot Bar and Grill in Long Island City.

I hand picked the bottles of liquor and included some of my favorite Vermont distilleries like Barr Hill Caledonia Spirits. Every tiny bit of detail on each bottle was cut into stencils. The stucco wall made it difficult to paint and the wind was ripping the poster board stencils out of our hands. We only used three colors, blue, white and black. Dan is a master at free hand spraying and taught me many new techniques including how to paint straight lines with a 2″ x 4″. I spent six weeks cutting the stencils in my studio in Vermont before packaging them up and taking a train down to NYC. Together we had a blast and hope to do many more murals. Within 48 hours Dan was commissioned to paint the same mural at a different location. Unfortantely we were unable to save the stencils because of the storm moving and it would have been ridiculous to cut them all out again.

If your questioning the legality of painting these iconic characters, we didn’t get paid to do this.

We are hoping team DJ Barry will travel the world, producing more murals like Break Time and inspiring all ages to relax, enjoy and have their minds blown by our amazing artwork.


“Break Time” – Everyone deserves a break from entertaining

The beginning

That fade bro…

So many bottles


Always going to have a 2″ x 4″ now when I paint

I told him he couldn’t take that beer outside with him


We ran out of black paint and had to get more

Detail of the bottles


Break Time


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