Originally I am pencil and watercolor artist, who discovered the silk painting technique some years ago… and fell madly in love with the feel of brushes on natural silk.

I paint flowers in my interpretation of Art Nouveau, I paint portraits and animals, recently I was able to develop a technique of actually drawing on silk.

I feel deeply connected to every piece I create, as I am spending hours on every one scarf, just to make every one special and unique.

I love working on custom designs, as my customers often asks of designs that previously set outside my comfort zone as an artist and working on brand new ideas keeps me happy!

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Wisteria silk scarf painted and drawn

Hand painted Wisteria silk scarf, decorated with delicate purple flowers on white background.

Spring Lady silk scarf

Spring is here! I painted it’s personification, goddness of life, sun and happines.

Angelic Wings hand drawn on silk

This silk scarf is very special – it was hand drawn, not painted. I developed a technique that allows me to stroke silk with A LOT of delicate lines to create this feathery wings.

Narcissus silk scarf

Spring time scarf, painted with Narcissus flowers on green background and finished with a white border.

Trees in Blue silk scarf

White and Navy Blue Trees on a blue scarf, hand painted.

Pride and Prejudice silk scarf

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy on a silk scarf, with a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ title in the middle. Watercolor style.

Bouquet of Lilac Flowers silk scarf

Dark purple scarves with Bouquet of Lilac flowers and White Ribbon.

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