Over a year ago, these peculiar cats began appearing in my paintings. As I delved deeper, it began to feel as if an entire world of magical cats were just waiting for me to open the door so they could come tiptoeing onto the page. Each cat has a quirky name, a distinct personality and a healing message.

I gathered them all together in my Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck.

These fluffy philosophers will inspire you to pause and reflect on ideas such as unconditional love, solitude, vision, trust, soul-mates, and even cuddles and mischief. The cards can spark unique insights, help you hear the true callings of your heart and brighten your day.

More info: spiritcatsdeck.com

Trust & Vision

Nurture & Bliss

Micheif & Catalyst

Guardian and Imagination

Warrior & Freedom

Curiosity & Paradox

Threshold & Solitude

Cuddles & Intuition

Mystery & Adventure