My name is Delphine Dion, and I am a freelance illustrator since 2017, living in France. I always was fascinated by Nature and animals. I was never so sure of what I wanted to do with my life, so, as a Nature lover, I studied ecology.

Beside of that, I drew from time to time since I was a little girl, but I never thought of embarking on an artistic career, because I wasn’t very good at drawing!

But towards the end of my studies, I became more serious about drawing and painting. At this time, I discovered watercolor, and there was a heart stroke! I started to post my creations on the Internet and social media and was happy to see that people appreciate my work, even the ones I don’t know! After getting my Master’s degree in ecology and deep questioning of my personal and professional aspirations, I decided to create my business to sell my creations all over the world!

My style has evolved throughout these years to achieve what I realize today: semi-realistic illustrations in a soft and rounded style full of life thanks to bright colors, combining watercolors and colored pencils, always linked to the animal world and Nature.

I mainly take commissions for pet portraits. People often ask me to draw their beloved pets… with plants!

For me, this is the perfect job, but the thing I love most about it is when people see their pet’s portrait for the first time, and it makes them so happy!

In 2019, I teamed up with an artist friend, Iris, who paint realistic pet portraits to create our project GreenyPaw.

It is a partnership through which we want to put our artistic skills at the service of ecological causes. We work alongside associations and some carefully selected zoos based on their commitment to biodiversity and animal welfare, and donate a portion of our profits. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under the GreenyPaw handle. Thank You for your attention.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram

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