I am a watercolour artist who paints nude life studies featuring plus-sized women to promote body positivity and acceptance.

It is my way of pushing back against the poisonous way that society encourages women to be critical of their bodies and makes them believe that they cannot or should not partake in certain activities or dress in certain clothes. This constant barrage of diet culture and body shaming is bad for mental health and general self-confidence, but worst of all, it leads women to ‘hide away’.

I want women to accept and love their bodies, wear what they please, eat, laugh, exercise, go outside, have sex with the lights on, don a bikini and swim in the sea… and live a life filled with joy and not a shred of shame.

My paintings all feature nude ladies with beautiful, real bodies that rarely get shown in the media; stretch marks, rolls, sagging skin… all the things we are supposed to be ashamed off. The women in my paintings have an expression of serenity and joy. They are at peace with themselves. It seems that in the whimsical medium of watercolour, women can truly see just how beautiful their bodies really look, even if they don’t look like a fashion or fitness model. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and letting go of body shame can help to lead to a life well lived.

I recently started an Instagram page, @bopo_watercolour, and have been inundated with messages of support and gratitude from women who have finally seen a body like theirs being portrayed as beautiful.

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