Hi, my name is Evgeny Ches, I’m a graffiti and contemporary artist from Moscow, Russia. I don’t like boring walls, I like to experiment with 3D illusions and create interesting artworks!

Look better, something you think is real – is not real, just painting!

Some of these Artworks I painted with my friend Dmitriy Levochkin (read the discription).

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My artwork in Moscow at “Flacon Design Factory” | 2017


I used spray paint and brush

3d bodypainting

Artwork we done for our friends with Dmitriy Levochkin


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People are a painting!

Done with Dmitriy Levochkin


I used spray cans and brush

girls love my artworks

do you see the door?

and now?)

Just cutted my sketch and stick it on the wall

cap spider

who like bananas?