Birds symbolize for me the freedom and beauty. I am happy, but in modern society there is too much haste for me. Early mornings, stress, remembering things from memory .. Those kind of things keep the inner me in search of peace.

I would like to explore the world with my family and especially with my two-year old son. Drawing is a way for me to get closer to this dream. I hope that some day I will get enough money with drawing so I can only focus on doing things that my family needs and loves. Being together and healing the world by taking care of it.

More info:

Crow and the Stolen Jewel

Crow and the Stolen Feather (It belongs to the Swan below)

Swan and a Feather

The Raven and the Crystals

The Last Mohican

Crow and a Portait

Raven King

A Gift From Above – Design for my son who loves birds ( “Tittiis” for him)