When somebody asks me for my favorite animal I normally say it's the koala. Even though I love animals in general (apart from some scary or ugly exceptions) koalas seem to have a special ranking in my heart. I know I'm not alone with this, and I know that the world is watching Australia for a while not believing what's going on there...

I really could cry thinking about how many animals died recently and how many of the survivors are suffering now. If I would be there I'm sure I would be one of many people who risk their own health to rescue animals and - of course - helping people who lost their homes as well. But from far away it's always hard to find a way to help. Spending money is one way - and it really almost doesn't matter right now to which organization you spend it.

But even when you don't have money, there are ways to react. A lot of people agree that the bushfires (at least this extreme) are caused by climate change which means everybody can do something. Also, you can do some research about what's happening or you can just share posts and information or support others who are doing this already. Every time something happens in the world that reaches our hearts we feel the desire to do something.

I remember after 09/11 a girl asked me what I think about her idea to go to church even though she was no Christian just to show compassion and if I would think that would make a difference. I supported her idea. Of course, it doesn't make anything unhappen and of course it seems to not changing anything, but I know those actions bond people, show compassion, give some people hope, remind some people to not look away and so on: I really think whatever you choose to do, do it! Because the worst you could do is nothing at all!

The pictures you see here are from a series of mirrored koalas. I made them to remind of the invisible connection between them and us and to make people reflect about their responsibility about our environment and nature. Feel free to like, share, comment and download them.

More info: savethekoala.com


I Mirrored Koalas To Make People Reflect


Peter Di Bussolo 6 days ago

Looks like the bottom of my nutz

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