My name is Carys Woodbury, known mainly by my alias Carys Cuttlefish. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I make these creatures using polymer clay, minerals, fun fur, ribbons, fluff and pieces of my heart strings. I can’t say for sure how long each one takes to make as it’s a labour of intense love and I get lost with each one but usually it’s about a day.

I live for my art, it’s become the most important part of how I identify with myself and all of my creatures have a big piece of me that go with them when they leave for their new homes. Each creature comes with it’s own unique back story, and I thought today I would share a few of my favourites with you.

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This little dude takes the fears that we all tend to have in the night, monsters under the bed or in the closet and gobbles them up. His energy is to take away those nasty thoughts and make evenings eternally warm and cozy. Some would credit him with the invention of hot cocoa, cuddling by the fire place and the smell of hot cider on crisp fall evenings. No one knows for sure how old he is, but so long as he is around the night will always be inviting and toasty.

Floobish The wild floobish can be found in it’s natural forest habitat, gurgling and cooing gently to the plants and trees to coerce them to move in specific arrangements. He can only be found deep in the depths of these woodland places, organizing the ferns and flowers into beautiful displays for a weary wanderer to discover. The forest is his canvas, and he paints beautiful gardens there for people to delight and marvel in.

Sairoot This creature, lives deep in the red wood forests, under the thick layers of undisturbed and sacred earth. He budded hundreds of years ago from a droplet of sap that rolled down the eldest and most sentient tree. When he watched a meteor fall from the skies and crash into the nearby lands he wanted to plant a seed to protect from the fire. That child is Sairoot, he is responsible for replanting seeds after every forest fire and rebirthing when the planes are burned out.

Prism reflects the beauty of the world around her, this majestic creature houses cases in her mind that she uses to protect what is important to herself and others. The crystals that she sports carry the hopes and dreams of those who need it the most and don’t have the confidence to dare dream them for themselves.