What about a wall calendar that calls your touch? It’s true, wherever an embroidered calendar is being hanged, the reaction of people is as follows: they come closer, start flipping the pages, their hands touch the embroideries and then exclamations of delight, sweetness and joy fill the room! Their reaction is the same, sound and exclamation words vary. 

That’s the point anyway! These embroidered calendars on 100% pure cotton fabric are made with one main purpose: to meet people, make them smile, warm their souls and spread sweetness. An ornament not only for your wall but for your everyday life too.

Here is how it all began: My father had an embroidery factory so I have grown up among threads and fabrics. I was always dreaming of different applications of embroidery, in things not so common. I studied the conservation of arts, graphic design and acting at a drama school.

After all my studies, I went back to my childhood memories and decided to make my childhood dream come true. My tools were simple: pure cotton fabrics, rayon threads, some wood, lots of creativity and imagination and a grand urge to make something unique as a Christmas gift to my beloved ones in 2014. So, that’s how the first embroidered calendars were made!

These calendars contain all my love and care. It feels like taking the child I used to be to the most fascinating area of dreamland. Where every dream can become a reality. Moreover counting time, having a calendar and keeping a diary have always been activities that tickled my imagination and thought. Please allow my embroideries to catch the hand of your inner child self and have a walk in joyful places and sweet scenes.

The project “made by sir” will soon present clocks and diaries made of fabric and of course, fully embroidered! I am always fascinated by discovering different applications of embroidery. Using embroidered surfaces as an aspect of design, new products are arising.

More info: madebysir.com | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook | gr.pinterest.com

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