Everyday we eat usual food and even don’t think of what it consists of. Of course, you will say that you read the composition of the product or even count the calories. But!

You don’t see how much salt on your favorite nuts or shiitake mushroom looks like a rock in the Chinese province.

So…Hi! My name is Daria Volkova. I’m from Kyiv and I’m the Photo Artist of the Unique photo project – The World of Macrofood.

I show the Real Beauty and New View of usual food.

I want to show that without having a professional set of tools, you can create steep visual content that will surprise a lot of people. All photos I make by my iPhone and Blackeye Macro Lens.

I have took photo sessions for big famous Ukrainian restaurants and several brands of sweets. Some shots from these photo sessions you can find in this post.

Today I plan the Exhibition of photos that can be purchased.

I want to expand the horizons of the Project and continue to shoot the macro for restaurants and cool food brands.

I dream that my photos will inspire people to learn food and create new creative projects.

If you are interested in my Macrofood project, share this article with your friends. And I promise to please you with new and unusual macro photos.

I wish you delicious food and good impressions in all your affairs!

More info: unsplash.com

The shooting process

The Salt Miracle

Choco Waves

Go Green!

Let’s Celebrate this Life

Rose Dreams

Awesome Sweet Story

Yellow Eye is Watching You


Shiitake like a Rock


Cardamom in Focus

Red Rocket

Rise can be Fantastic!

It’s me – Daria :)