I’ve been making rings from coins for about four years now. It started as a hobby when I saw a picture of a coin ring online. I was fascinated with finding out how to make one and after lots of research I got some basic tools and gave it a go. I spent most of my free time trying to perfect the rings and lots of money on getting better tools.

When I showed the rings to friends and family they thought they were cool and said I should start selling them. In 2016 I set up my website www.celticcoincraft.com and have since made hundreds of rings and sent them to people all over the world.

I get requests for rings made from coins from specific countries and years and love the challenge of finding the coin and making a ring that is going to be really special to someone.

More info: celticcoincraft.com%20

Coins and what they look like after being made into rings

This is a 103-year old sterling silver British florin coin

First step is to punch a hole in the middle of the coin

I use a special tool to remove sharp edges from the punched hole

I heat the coin several times during the process to keep the silver workable

A metal cone is pressed into the hole in the coin to start to form the ring

The splines on this ring-stretcher machine expand when the handle is pushed

After the ring-stretcher the ring is nearly the right shape

The wide side of the ring is compressed in a die to even it up

I soak the ring in a liver of sulfur solution to create a patina on the ring

The patina helps the details stand out. I remove most of it with a buffer block

The finished ring