I’ve been making portraits from magazine strips ever since I was in high school. These collage artworks started out being more mixed media pieces, but now I work entirely with paper.

Collage is my preferred art medium because it’s so flexible – you can easily layer pieces of paper or peel back previous layers. I also like how I never know how one of my collage ideas will turn out. Since I’m relying entirely on the colors, patterns, and textures I can find when paging through fashion or travel magazines, the finished photo collage is always a surprise.

I’m drawn to creating portraits because I love how expressive people are and how interesting photos with them look. I love conveying emotion in my unique art by illustrating scenes of everyday life. And I like taking common, ordinary materials, like magazines, and turning them into something unexpected – a work of beautiful art where the layered paper is manipulated in such a way, that it resembles the brushstrokes in a painting.

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Two’s a Crowd


The Commuters


Looking Like Hollywood

Karim’s Father

The Sightseers

Chow Time

In the Woods

The New York Diner