I started making jewelry when I was 10. As I got older, I realized how expensive charms and other findings were, so I started to use whatever materials I had and objects that I found around the house. I turned miscellaneous buttons into rings and used my birds' feathers to make necklaces and earrings. I realized that limiting myself to using what I already owned actually allowed me to expand my creativity.

I don't have a job right now, so this is how I make a little money. I work on my craft in my spare time because I am trying to finish up my last year of high school. I am currently trying to sell locally. Next year, when I start college, I hope to open a shop on Etsy to start my own business. 

More info: Instagram

#1 Light Blue Bottled Feather Necklace

Light Blue Bottled Feather Necklace

I love the idea of little bottles so I used one of my bird's feathers that was small enough to fit inside so make this simple, but cute, pendant. I also have earrings that I made from bigger feathers that you can see on my Instagram.


#2 Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose Quartz Jewelry

I love the soft pink color of rose quartz.


#3 Royal Blue Vintage Earrings

Royal Blue Vintage Earrings

I love the look of vintage jewelry so I made these royal blue earrings to add some sophistication to any outfit!


#4 Vintage Dangle Earrings

Vintage Dangle Earrings

This is another vintage set that I made. If you look at my Instagram you can see the matching necklace!


#5 Sword Of Gryffindor Necklace

Sword Of Gryffindor Necklace

I love Harry Potter so when I saw this sword pendant I decided to make my own Harry Potter-inspired necklace!


#6 Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

I made this a few years ago and I took me forever! I love pearls and love the subtle shine on this piece.


#7 Button Rings

Button Rings

I gathered a bunch of my spare buttons and turned them into colorful rings.


#8 Button Rings

Button Rings

Fall-colored button rings.


#9 More Button Rings

More Button Rings


#10 Leaf Earrings

Leaf Earrings

My mom had an earring that she lost the other side so I took the leaves apart and made a new pair.