Hello , I'm Patricia, last year we had 3 baby cats show up at my doorstep. They were so little I had to bottle feed them. The shelter wasn't able to take them so it was up to me to take care of them until they could eat by themselves and I could give them away. One of the kitties was very small and her ears were very big for her body, no one wanted her and when it came down to it I had already fallen in love with her and couldn't give her away.

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I was on snapchat before I started messing around with the drawing tools on instastories, but I got hooked on it and decided to do a story a day with my cat.

It takes me between 10 and 15 minutes to draw each one and I do it on my trusty iphone 6.

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I Make Instastories With My Cat


just some random thinker 5 months ago

sailor meoown


I Make Instastories With My Cat


Andrew Kurkovsky 5 months ago