Hi! I’m Angelique, but friends call me Angel. I make custom Mickey Mouse ears.

Last Christmas, I was struggling to come up with an original idea for my twin sister’s Christmas present. We tend to get each other small, but meaningful things and I was racking my brain on what she would like. One afternoon, I was sitting in her office while she made coffee and I saw that she was decorating with Mickey’s ears! She had so many pairs on the wall it was amazing. And that’s when the idea hit me over the head like an anvil. Custom ears. I could make her a completely original set of ears!

My first attempts weren’t that great, but I enjoyed making them so much that I stuck with it. I actually have so many designs now that I’ve opened a shop for them! I lost my job last month and rather than wallow in self-pity decided to try my hand at being a small business owner.

Wanna help support small business? Check out my shop and maybe grab a set of ears for your next trip to the parks!

More info: toontowntradingco.com

My sister is on the left, I’m on the right. We’re pretty big Disnerds!

My first proper set of ears

I’m a big unicorn fan

Ears fit for a lost princess

Let’s go!