I graduated in conservation science from University, so when I wanted to make jewellery it was natural for me to turn my attention to wildlife and nature. I try to capture the character of each animal, making them dynamic or symbolic. These little animals are made from precious metals – solid sterling silver with 22 carat gold or rose gold plating options available.

Each design takes many hours to complete, firstly carved out of hard wax using metal hand tools, and then cast in sterling silver through the age old ‘lost-wax’ process of casting hot metal. Each piece is then refined individually by hand, adding character, texture and a beautiful shine.

They make wonderful animal gifts for him or her, for anyone with a love of nature and wildlife. I’ve just started offering personalisation, with engraved silver tags that can be added to each design.

What animals would you love to see? I’m expanding my collection and would love your feedback.

More info: rosalindelunyd.com

Wildlife and animal jewellery for him and her

Diving otter necklace

One of my most popular designs, which I didn’t expect! Which is your favourite?
Personalised animal necklace.

Sleeping hedgehog pendant necklace

Hedgehogs hibernate over winter, so these little necklaces show the hedgehogs sleeping, curled up against the world with their little back feet tucked away and just their front paws poking out.

Acorn necklace cast from a real acorn

From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow! Symbolising strength and growth, this one is actually cast from a real acorn found in my garden.

Jumping fox necklace

Showing a characteristic behaviour of foxes as they pounce through the grass or snow to catch their next meal

Stag deer pendant

Made from solid sterling silver, with gold and rose gold plating options available, these precious metal animals are high quality.

Badger animal pendants

The sweet badger catches a scent in the air.

Animal lapel pins for him

Could also be a gift for her! Also in solid sterling silver, these can add a really stylish touch to an outfit :) . Link to my website at the top of the page, or you can search ‘Rosalind Elunyd’ on Etsy if you prefer.