As an active Instagram user, I often come across artists who create their art journals from either assembling together magazine cut outs or print outs.

So when I started my own art journal, I knew from the very beginning that my style would involve only hand sketches and illustrations.

As an introvert, expressing myself has never come easily to me. But for as long as I can remember, my art and writings have been the best outlets.

In this journal, I have attempted to address some of the issues which I have faced, growing up as a female Pakistani. Such as Arranged Marriages and Oppression of Women. And personal issues like Depression, Anxiety, Heartbreaks and the feeling of Alienation from the Society I currently live in.

I have shared 11 of my favorite entries in this post. I hope you guys like them!

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1) My Family Heirlooms

2) Missing People

3) “I do.” Gunpoint Marriages

4) A Moth Stuck In a Web of Butterflies

5) A Jar Full of Starry Nights

6) Daughters

7) A Massacre of You

8) The Dying Muse

9) In Search of Myself

10) Love and Lust

11) Naseeb – Destiny