For Halloween this year I decided to make something special! I’ve never done special Halloween special session before so… I’ve decided to make a photo shoot of red dogs in pumpkins!

Perfect models for this session were Lucky, red border collie and beagle Muza. It took us many hours to reach a place full of pumpkins. And I hope it was worth it!

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Lucky dreaming among pumpkins

Lucky with his Jack-o’-Lantern

Lucky in pumpkins

The bad pumpkin!

Lucky as one of the pumpkins! Special red and white one!

We realised that Lucky looks as he was born in those pumpkins! Pawfect model!

Lucky and Muza in their pumpkin kingdom

With her friend, spooky pumpkin

Lucky looks like he was born in pumpkins!

Lucky as a very special pumpkin!

Muza is a really cute pumpkin-queen

Just look at her

Very dreamy

Perfect camouflage!