I started my project when I brought my dog Didi to the studio where usually I shoot portraits of people. I made some portraits of Didi and after that my friends and colleagues were just amazed by the results. At the same time I was supposed to take part in the exhibition “The Edge” in Jaffa and I decided to make some more photo shoots of animals. I started looking for models through my friends, colleagues, strangers in the park that after all became my friends. Finally I made 13 sessions with different animals, mostly dogs, but there was one cat among them and even one pregnant horse!

I put on them some accessories, part of which I made by myself, and my idea was to show the aristocracy and nobleness that every pet has inside. I called to my project “Portraits of Soul” because those accessories were just supposed to emphasize the inner world of those pets and their soul that I believe there is in every creature. For the exhibition there were chosen 9 pictures that I put in the “classical painting decor” style frames. I received a lot of positive critics during the exhibition and after it I decided to continue to work with animals and nowadays I make the photo shoots for pets in studio and outside.

As part of a voluntary project I made the portfolios for the dogs that were looking for home since the pets that took part in my original project were mostly also taken from the shelter by their amazing owners. I’m also a professional musician, I play violin, and also I make photo shoots for musicians.

More info: mariarosenblatt.com