The serial begins about my point of view about some cities from different countries and cultures where I have been, this serial is to be continued with more and more cities like Beijing, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris and others where I am travelling in the last times. The technique is acrylic paint on paper. This part of serial are the pictures of somewhere, Barcelona, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mumbai.

Also, the serial has another direction to the feelings and sensations about different times during a day in a city and this part shows the city as a concept. This part of serial are the pictures of traffic jam, noon jail, night lovers and monotonous construction. The technique is digital collage.

More info:

In the city of… warmy Barcelona!

In the city of… eclectic London!

In the city of… Magical Mumbai!

In the city of… great New York!

In the city of… colourful Rio!

In the city of… Somewhere…

In the city, morning traffic jam

In the city, the noon jail

In the city, nighty lovers

In the city, monotonous construction…