My name is Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta, I’m from Yogyakarta city, Indonesia. I’ve been working with glass since 2011 just by a coincidence, because I met one of the oldest scientific glassblowers (74 years old, when first time I met him) in my town.

So I started experimenting using flameworking torch that was build by the old scientific glassblower. I tried to develop flameworking art by my own and using youtube as a reference. Then I fell in love with flameworking and I used any kind of waste glass that I can found. Used glass material is a real challenge for me, but I will never give up. I still try to push this material and my skills further to make artworks with all those limitations.

Now recycled glass flameworking became my style, became my way to express my mind and what I feel, how to transfer my imagination within process of metamorphic from waste into artwork in the burning flame.

More info: Deviantart | Instagram