In 2006, I met my husband, Geoff, at a bar in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and we’ve been traveling the world ever since, visiting almost 50 countries together.

In 2013, we sold everything we owned, and set out to live a life of permanent travel. We’ve been on the road ever since, housesitting in Portugal, road-tripping through the Balkans, partying in Berlin, and eating tacos in Mexico.

And in December 2015, we published our first book about our lives. Rather than writing a memoir, we decided to publish an adult coloring book.

We took our best travel photographs from some of our favorite places we’ve visited, and created colorable illustrations from each.

Now, others can travel along on our journey, going from Vilnius to Buenos Aires to Paris with the flick of a page.

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Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Tartu, Estonia

Antigua, Guatemala

Lisbon, Portugal

Barichara, Colombia

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Xiao Liu Qiu Island, Taiwan