The Futurama Bowl opened in San Jose, CA in 1961. It featured a beautiful googie neon sign topped with a giant bowling pin. 30 years later the alley closed and was replaced by a Safeway supermarket. Fortunately the company repurposed the sign and left the look mostly intact. I made a miniature of the sign that looks the way it did 59 years ago. It was made mostly at my kitchen table using laser cut Baltic birch plywood, acrylic, stainless steel rods, UV resin, paint and a 3D printed bowling pin. I hope you like it! Find me on Instagram @route9signs. Thanks!

Love how the sun catches the faux neon and bulbs.

It stands about 22 inches tall with the 3D printed bowling pin.

The details at mostly laser cut and painted acrylic.

Side by side with the real sign. I love this part.

I made this using only 2 reference photos I found online.

Oh yeah, I made 2.

Matching up a mini with the real sign always takes my breath away.