For years, I’ve been drowning my anxiety and depression into work. I saw several doctors but they said I had no reason to have anxiety so that must be temporary. It wasn’t. I worked more so I couldn’t have time to do nothing. Because doing nothing is overthinking. Doing a full comic book in 2 months beside my full time job ? No problem, I can handle it. I actually couldn’t. Doing my comic was no longer a pleasure. I burnt out.

Suddenly, I couldn’t do anything. I spent days crying in bed without knowing why. Why couldn’t I just get up ? What was the point anyway ? My comic book was pointless. I was pointless.

I then remembered what Jonny from Hope For The Day said. “It’s okay not to be okay“. Asking for help is being strong. So I went to the doctor again.

And since that day, I draw a lot about mental health to explain how it feels.

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