Are you familiar with the Sphynx cat? They one of the more popular “hairless” cat breeds. In fact, the Sphynx is one of the top 10 most popular of all the cat breeds! And, while we say they are hairless, these cats actually do have some hair… it’s just really, really short – so they appear naked.

Hairless cats may seem weird to you, or you may find them exotic and intriguing! But meet one in person and you’ll be a fan for life. What they lack in fur, they make up for with their huge personalities!

I’ve been “owned” by sphynx cats for about ten years, and their unique beauty inspired me to become a pet photographer. While I enjoy photographing all kinds of animals, I always turn the lens back to my own cats for fun.

Norman, the tabby boy whose photo made the cover (and several pages inside the calendar) loves having his picture taken! I just have to say the words, “Norman! Do you wanna go do photos?!” And he runs – full speed – to the studio. It must be all those treats he gets while he’s ‘working it.’

So, for fans of the Sphynx, or funny animal photography, or just cats in general, I made a 12-month wall calendar titled, “No Hair, Don’t Care.” I hope you’ll love it!

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“Look Ma! I can make the same face!”

Norman the Sphynx as Bob Ross:

Baldar the Sphynx as a pretty flower:

Norman as the loveable Willy Wonka: