“Haunted Bodies” is a collection of drawings and writings I created while moving through and beyond a year of depression. At their core, they are about the essentials of what it is to be a human who is hurt, one who wrestles in the dark and stares down the pain in a fierce attempt to heal.

Merging pieces of organs, flora, and animals, these faceless drawings are an attempt to capture the “haunted” feeling of inaccessibility and express an experience outside the clarity of language.

Releasing this collection as a book creates a physical reminder both of the reality of a difficult circumstance, and the community moving through the common casualty of life alongside you. It creates the space that only books can create, where one can participate whilst in the solitude of their experience.

“Haunted Bodies” is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

More info: Instagram | christinamrozik.com | kck.st

Teacup Poem