Creating a mural, 3D trick art, and wallpaper has become a part of our daily activity. We often get a mural project for various properties, such as for restaurant, house, hotel, and many other places.

Meanwhile, for 3D trick art, we often create a 3D trick art for photo booth in various events, such as corporate gathering, exhibition, and even for 3D trick art museum.

This time, we have created several 3D trick arts for a 3D trick art museum in Batam. Here are some examples of our works.

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Kungfu Panda

Chased by rhinoceros

3D Trick Art

3d trick art Mermaid

3d trick art Kungfu Panda

3d trick art boat

3d trick art boat

3d trick art “Karapan Sapi from Indonesia”

3d trick art Prambanan temple

3d trick art Hulk

3d trick art Hulk