It all started with Pantone postcards , which I ordered a couple of months ago, but continued with a special table for mixing the colors of FIMO. When I looked at the cards and the table, I was inspired by the variety of colors and decided to do new earrings. Each color means something special and important for me, I’ll tell you more about it.

Thanks to everyone who has read the article!

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Ready ? Steady ? Go!

White snow

White – color is always snow for me, it’s like the beginning of a new story, a color that is completely clean, the color of Christmas and New Year’s gifts!


Pink – is my favorite color, at different ages my preferences in color changed, before it was green and minty, and now pink, I have pink hair and a lot of nice things in pink!

Bubble gum

Bubble gum – It’s definitely chewing gum, childhood, and carelessness, the feeling that the whole world is at your feet and you can do whatever you want!

Yellow Bananas

Yellow – It’s bananas mania, palms, sun, sea, bananas and more bananas!

Peach Jam

Peach – Every summer I’m waiting for when they start selling fresh, juicy, shaggy peaches! This is my favorite fruit, sometimes I make jam from peaches!


Citron – Strange color, I looked at the pantone card for a long time and realized that it was freshness, lemonade, summer and the most kind feelings!

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green – Did you drink tea with spearmint? This is the color I represent when I drink tea with spearmint. Be sure to try it, you’ll like it!


Mint – Menthol candy, coolness and freshness, that’s what gives this color!

Emerald green

Emerald green – this color is like a precious stone, something expensive and rare and I think of mermaids when I look at this color!

The turquoise

The turquoise – color is a sea theme, waves, I’m generally a zodiac of a fish, so the sea always attracts me!

Dusty blue

Dusty blue – is rain, storm, clouds and heavy, but good mood! The feeling of exposure, as if the rain would wash away all the dirt from the city, I mean not real mud, but all the bad things that are happening in the cities.

Lavender and lilac

Lavender and lilac – this is spring, the first warm days after a long Russian winter, life after a white mist. Pleasant, corpulent color.


Amethyst, it’s about magic, even about dark magic, maybe something with the cosmos, in general, the dark, unknown side of the cat.

Colorful Mountain

Brothers of Color

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