My Name is Jennifer Taylor. I am a life-long painter living and working in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. I am deeply inspired by nature and the universe, creating works that I hope capture this essence.

I say I let them paint themselves, what I mean is, I never ever plan what they will be like at the end!

Each one starts off its life as a wonderful array of paints in all colours literally poured onto a canvas and left. When returning the next day, it's always amazing to see what is there!

Pools of colour, strange textures and shapes jump off the canvas. I stare at these weird and wonderful shapes until objects or landscapes start to appear. These form the backgrounds to all of my works. Adding flowers, trees, birds or anything else that I see emerging from the paint! Each piece always seems to have its own personality, with no two pieces ever to be quite the same.

I work predominantly with fluid acrylics as this creates beautiful flowing textures and movements within the piece.

Below you can find some of my most recent works all created in this intuitive organic crazy paint making way!

If you would like to see more of my works, you can find them via galleries within the UK. I also sell some works privately via my Etsy, for which you can find a link below.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you would like to hear more about my works! Thanks for reading too!

More info: Etsy

#1 Moonlight Lake

Moonlight Lake


Board Pan, duh. 4 months ago

Oh wow . I would upvote twice if I could!

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#2 Into The Wild

Into The Wild


Tony Moon 4 months ago

I love the use of colors, focus and off center viewing of the "background" to create the feeling you have here. Between "Moonlight Lake" and this one, they are my favorite paintings. You have just made the ideas that Jackson Pollock espoused, into an art form that is actually aesthetically pleasing and worth doing.

#3 A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember


Board Pan, duh. 4 months ago

The contrast is wonderful.

#4 Moon Poppies

Moon Poppies


#5 The Moon And The Poppies

The Moon And The Poppies


Aiman Arastu 3 months ago

Beautiful! Are these water colours?

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#6 Wild Roses - Blue

Wild Roses - Blue


#7 The Edge Of The Universe Series

The Edge Of The Universe Series


Robyn Denton 1 month ago

Wow! Gorgeous!

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#8 The Call Of The Wild

The Call Of The Wild


#9 The Dance Of The Poppies

The Dance Of The Poppies


鬼魂Phantasm 3 months ago


#10 The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden


#11 Northern Lights

Northern Lights


#12 The Way Of The Woods

The Way Of The Woods


MySisterIsNotJenniferLawrence 4 months ago

How ethereal

#13 The Wild Woods

The Wild Woods


Evans Mbabie 4 months ago

Wow! These are incredible! I love'em